Celtic Geode

Celtic Geode


One of a kind Celtic Geode Suncatcher.

The outside border is made of a glass rondel, reclaimed from waste offcuts from a curch window. The rondels are handmade and it's a shame to waste them, so my suncatcher designs were born! Rondels are large flat circles of glass made by taking a lump of glass on the end of the pontil (glass working rod) and spinning it till the glass flattens out and makes a plate shape. The center of the rondel was cut out and used in a church window.

The center stone is an agate geode slice, a beautiful brown with a striking crack shooting through it. The crack came with the piece when I bought it, I thought it was beautiful it and doesn't affect the stability. I love re-using imperfect or "waste" pieces in my work and giving hem new life and beauty. Smaller glass 'jewels' surround the top of the agate. The border celtic knotwork design was etched into the glass using a sandblaster. This celtic suncatcher looks good in both direct and indirect light!

All my pieces are unique- the patterns are designed by me and made very few times so each piece is one of a kind and very limited, you won’t find this anywhere else.

This piece is about 8 1/4 inches in diameter. It is signed and dated.

Shipping cost includes insurance.

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