Booby - Metallic Blue (#36)

Booby - Metallic Blue (#36)


This listing is for one original Booby! The first in the line of 'Not So Vulgarities!' sculptures by Falconsong. These Boobies are lovingly handmade, they are cast using polyurethane resin from an original sculpture.

This booby is one of the more difficult ones to make: He's a metallic blue, with black painted eyes. To make the metallic boobies the pigment is painted into the mold before the resin is added. The resin is black (as you can see on the foot of the booby in one of the pictures) and makes the metallic look stand out strongest. This metallic look is not a paint and will not rub off- it's embedded into the surface of the resin. He has a matte UV finish. Each of my boobies is coated with a UV resistant varnish to help protect the color of the resin over time as well as give it a beautiful finish.

This Booby is approximately 3 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide. The second booby pictured and the one with the pen is not included and is only for comparison.

Boobies also do well in pairs (Naturally!) and look great paired with a second dancing booby or posing booby!

Please note, colors may differ slightly due to many of my pieces having translucence and/or a shimmer to them which are often difficult to photograph and seen differently by a camera than a human eye sees it. I do my best to photograph my work so it is representative in photos as it is in person, however, colors may vary slightly. Please also do not drop your boobies, they can break if dropped! Treat boobies gently and with respect.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me with questions!

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