Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle


Twilight Sparkle was one of my favorite ponies to make! She has such fun colors. She's made with Tiffany style (copper foil) stained glass and utilizes both machine made and hand rolled glass. Her mane has Fremont handrolled flashed glass. Details are painted with enamel paint and heat set for durability.

She's approximately 12" tall x 10" wide and looks best with natural light. She's signed and dated by the artist.

All my pieces are unique- the patterns are designed by me and made very few times so each piece is one of a kind and very limited, you won’t find this anywhere else.

This piece does best in natural light.

Shipping price includes insurance.

Please note, this piece is -impossible- to photograph correctly! I tried so many times and the rich colors she looks like in person just do not come out right on the camera because the camera sees very differently than a person does. Making it harder is that she is made with Neodymium glass which, obviously, contains neodymium which changes color based on the lighting conditions (natural light, fluorescent light, incandescent light, etc.) Her body is purple and her mane is a darker purple, even if its showing up black in the photos. The last image shows this effect best, showing that she looks blue under the florescent lights I have in my home, whereas shes her gorgeous purple self in natural light.

More on Neodymium- "Neodymium glass (Nd:glass) is produced by the inclusion of neodymium oxide (Nd2O3) in the glass melt. [...] The sharp absorption bands of neodymium cause the glass color to change under different lighting conditions, being reddish-purple under daylight or yellow incandescent light, but blue under white fluorescent lighting, or greenish under trichromatic lighting. This color-change phenomenon is highly prized by collectors. In combination with gold or selenium, beautiful red colors result."

So Cool! I love how glass is made and the properties of different glasses. It's very fitting that out of all the ponies I've made, Twilight is the one to teach me about glass chemistry. It's just her nature and love of learning and it shows!

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